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Disgusted with the attitudes of its employees. Yesterday my boss wanted me to go get a 40 inch monitor. plus two upgraded HD for our laptop plus two 3 TB networked backup drives. over $1000. He did not want to drive all the way over to the store so he called them. They said there was no way to order on line and pickup at the store.

I go on the webite that trouts 18 min. order pickup. Wow..

We go, the sales people work on commission and are not interested in anything but that. getting their commission. I know its my fault that when we get back to the office I have two 31/2 desktop drives instead of 21/2 laptop drives. I trusted the slick fast talking commissioned salesman, I was explicit about the drives.

So my boss does not want waste his time and spend 2 hours returning the wrong products. So I go online to the webite and place the order. We enter my bosses credit card info and I think we are home free until the confirmation page informs us that we need to present an Id at the time of pickup. This was after the credit card was dinged. I even went on the CC card website and sure enough it was a pending transaction.

Well before I leave, we agree if everything goes as planned, I will buy a $999 laptop...

trying to reason with the un-educated manager was useless. there was no and I mean no empathy. THE CUSTOMER IS WRONG no matter what.

Warning, most things are factory seconds

Do not shop there, you can buy most anything from Amazon and have it within 2 days.

My name is Michael Alberga and I approve this review!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #753178
Micro Center Verified Representative

I apologize you ran into such a negative experience. If you could email me at with further details, I would be happy to look into this with you. We definitely value you as a customer and are happy to help.


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