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As a Microcenter customer for the last 6 years I am done with their bad customer service and horrible CC verification. I build systems for small business with no tech knowledge at all.

As a result I usually spend up to 20k per year at the Cambridge MA store and online. Most of the time I place the orders with my customers billing information and my companies shipping address, granted I have thousands of dollars in purchases in my companies name as well which they obsessively keep in their records, and almost always have at least one issue. This last time was the straw that broke the camels back. I place an order for 2 computers, 2 monitors, and some cabling on May 30.

Every item was listed as "in stock". I received an email confirming the order and that it would ship on June 2. I knew this was not the case as June 2 was a Sunday. On Tuesday June 4, I still had not received any additional emails so I called.

The cs rep checked the order and said that it was going to be going out. They then called my customer to verify the shipping address as it was different from the billing company and address. Good to go. As of Friday June 7th, still no email detailing shipping.

I give another call. This time nothing but hassles. "We cannot talk to you are you are not the card holder." Finally get a manager after a few calls. He states that processing has cleared the order.

Now we come to today, Monday June 10th, we receive and email that the order has been cancelled because they cannot verify the card info. This is after they have spoken to my client on the phone. This order is also following an order we place 2 weeks ago with the same billing address and shipping address combo. We are a week behind now on the project.

I could have used Amazon prime and had this order last Tuesday with no problems at all. I hope they are happy that they have lost a once loyal customer.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #753186
Micro Center Verified Representative

Hi Asweazy,

I found your review while looking through this site. I apologize for the experience you have had with your order. If possible, please email me at with further details regarding your order. We sincerely value you as a customer and are happy to help.


Customer Relations

Micro Center

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