I have been a Micro Center customer for years and cannot believe how horrible they have become. I see more people in line for service and repair than I do checking out.

I've bought 3 computers from them in the last month and had to return all three. FORGET trying to get in touch with anyone at the store....you get a national call center and they are RUDE!!!!!!! The Tech Support guy was absolutely useless.

I called a Microsoft Store about the issues I was having with my Dell I bought from Micro Center and THEY were more helpful than the guy from "tech support" at Micro Center. I will never buy anything from them again.

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Just because they have line at the desk doesnt mean its their products *** ***! They do repair work all BRANDS!

So they can come from any where!! *** *** people!


Don't fret. They'll take care of you. They are actually on point with cutomer service if you speak to the right people

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #852189


I apologize for the frustrations you;ve encountered with the call center and tech support staff. I am happy to help.

Can you email me further details to custrel@microcenter.com? I hope to hear from you soon!



Customer Relations

Micro Center custrel@microcenter.com

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