This is a horrible company--they make you enter all kinds of personal information and make you click a link in an email to verify that you have a valid email address--all to buy a single item on sale, and then once they have your personal information and your valid email address, they cancel your order!

No information about why they canceled, just a terse email.

I tried to call them, but they don't appear to have anyone useful at the other end; just an "operator" who can't help you at all.

This seems like a bait and switch tactic; I hope the BBB fines the living daylights out of them

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They did exactly the same thing to me! After they got my information, they just cancelled my order. They said the item was not available, even though my shopping cart say it was available.


You order stuff online, and expect them not to ask for your information? Do you really expect to walk in and have them magically know your name, identifying information, and what you wanted?

You know the stores have to spend time and money preparing your order for you, right?

And how could they have written you a "terse email" without you giving them a valid email address to write to? By the way, what did that "terse email" say? Probably the reason why the order was cancelled, did you bother reading it?

This complaint is so ridiculous it's funny.


they probably canceled it because they couldn't find it for you. did youi ever stop to think about that?

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