I was at the micro center in Cambridge ma to buy an iPad 3 .They were having a promotion which you could save 40.00 from the regular price.

So the sale man that help me with the iPad is really nice. Until one of the guy that I think was the manager of the apple department came over to me and said in a really rude tone that he can't sell it to me . I thought he was just kidding . So I was like ok why.

So he repeated again that he can't sell it to me . He then in front of a lot of people ask me if I am here with a lot of my family member. So I was like yeah with my mom and brother so is there a problem . And he has this look on his face like he didnt believe me .

And he was like telling me that he has sell many iPad to people that has the same last name as me. And he ask me that if I know that they could only sell one iPad per household and customer which mean family. I told yeah. And this is my first time here today today to buy the iPad with my family .

And we only buy one. So I ask him what does he mean by saying that. And he was like you have the same last name as those people . I was like you could check the my ID and plus its a different address.

He told me it doesn't matter and I have the same last name to the people that he been selling the iPad to. He also act like he doing me a favor this time and he going to let me buy the iPad but only one. So I told him that hey look alot of people have the same last name doesn't they related and he said he don't know. I even told him that I rather buy it at the apple store then at their place .

He then told me I will not get the good price but I told him I rather paid more then being disrespect by people like him. So he was like walk away.

Usually when a product is listed to sell for 1 item per household is that mean the address not just the last name.I wanted to ask how many people out there that have the same last name and not related to each other.

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I apologize for your experience regarding the iPad. Could you contact me at custrel@microcenter.com with more details? I would be happy to look into what happened here with you.


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