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They had Ipad on sale, limited in-store only and 1 per household. Me and my boss ordered online, on my day off I went in with both reservation letters, handed them to Rep Derek Rivera.

Manager Jeff White was passing by and saw the letters, said those Ipads are 1 per person and walked away. Then this is what happened next: Derek: Since you are here by yourself we can only sell you one. Me: I can't pickup an order for somebody else? Derek: No, it's one per person.

Me: What if I get one first, then comes back 10 minutes later for the other one? Derek: Nope, we still know it's you. (DUH!!! If I come back in two days I don't think you'll remember me, Mister!

And there's great chance I get a different Rep) Me: I have the other person's DL and credit card right here, I can put her on the phone if you want. Derek: Sorry. You have two options, either she comes and picks it up herself, or cancel the reservation, pay full price and get another one while you are here. Lady at pickup counter(didn't get her name): So what do you wanna do?

Of course I'll cancel it, my boss is at work and 40 minutes drive away from Microcenter on good traffic, and I have her DL and credit card! These people at Microcenter Houston are working like robots and have no common sense.

I was in there for half an hour and didn't see one smile on their faces. I'll never shop here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Micro Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I liked: Product and pricing.

I didn't like: Overall service.

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Micro Center Verified Representative


We understand the frustration for sure, in order to protect our great customers we do need to see the card holder and ID in the store when ever you pay with a credit card. Thank you for sharing this feedback!


Why would a company knowingly take the risk of becoming an accessory to identity theft? Someone could steal somebodies wallet then go into a store and buy a thousand dollar TV with their ID and credit card, calling someone on the phone isn't a confirmation of identity.

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