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I purchased a BFG GTX285 Video Card (package was sealed)at the Microcenter in Westbury, New York, Salesman was Leslie, When I got home and opened it, I was shocked to find a Used EVGA 8800 GTX inside. I took the item back and they refused to exchange it for me, at this moment I am out almost $400

I am in the process of contacting American Express to dispute the purchase, Hopefully they will credit my card as they are usually very good with that.

In a last ditch effort before I take legal action I will go back to the store tomorrow and speak with Pablo (I was told he is the only one that can ok an exchange

Monetary Loss: $400.

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This is not a microcenter issue, but a factory issue. Factory workers are known to do this sort of switch out thing, I know a guy who found chunks of raw material in a box that was supposed to contain a PS3.

Dallas, Scotland, United Kingdom #217331

In a situation like this, I can see how retailers can be wary of consumers who try to return their purchases saying a different item came in the box.

If something this unusual happens, you want to return it immediately... dont want 1 hour, go back immediately and stay there and escalate escalate escalate. Infact, dont even bother with the lowlies, as soon as you walk in ask for the highest manager in the store, make sure they note the issue, and resolve it that moment.


What do you expect corporations to do? If they allowed returns like this, there would be no way to protect against fraud.


:zzz Don't feel like you're the lonbe one here Bud. Fry's Electronics is just as susseptable in socking it to you as well.

I got butne there as well on several occaions. I kept returning and returning and finally I kept that last item that was about 6 years ago. It just isn't worthy of screwing with any longer. I've not been back to San Marcos CA.

sence to their.

Join the crowd of the totally frustrated with business society, as it isn't just the few establishments any longer. It's global.I'm afread too, it's only going to get worse.


i recently purchased a dyson vacuum from the target in Glen Mills, pennsylvania only to get it home to find an older USED model dyson in the box, it was factory sealed and everything, there was a small tear in the back of the box but nothing that would indicate this type of swap. I immediately called the store and they told me to bring it on in for a refund, so the following day i headed in.

The women who returned the vacuum for me was VERY rude to me, i was so mad at the way she treated me that i instantly decided not to purchase the new vacuum from that store. Two days later i checked in with my online banking only to discover that Target charged the 350+ dollars back onto my credit card!!!! When i called the store the manager said that the vacuum that i returned didn't even fit into the box and blah blah blah....WTF??? he said i could come in and get "my" vacuum if i wanted (referring the dirty used vacuum which was in the box) What am i supposed to do now???

This means i paid way to much for a old model, dirty, used vacuum!!!

I dont even want to pick up the impostor vacuum because i dont want them to think they're right, and that im some type of vacuum swapping looney-tune!!! Any suggestions???

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